Safe, Accessible and Equal Voting for All



The National Coalition for Accessible Voting is comprised of the nation’s leading disability, veterans, and civil rights organizations. We have joined our voices to advocate for accessible, remote voting for all citizens and to preserve and expand the options granted under law for accessible, in-person voting. 


For two decades, progress towards an accessible, private, and independent remote voting experience has been stymied. The Coalition was formed to unify and magnify the voices of its members and advocate for national and state legislation to address issues that disproportionately affect the Coalition’s members who represent 26% of the U.S. population. These include issues of safety, availability of accessible voting options, and reliable ballot delivery.


We are different. We combine our expertise in advocacy, the reach of our state affiliates, our access to federal and state legislators with our first-hand knowledge of election technologies, security and federal certification to advocate not only for our members but for all citizens.

Our advocacy tools include ​education, legislation, and, when necessary, litigation.

Our Purpose

Despite the mandates of federal law, voters with disabilities continue to face persistent barriers to voting. These barriers are omnipresent across polling places, state and local election websites, and within mail-in balloting systems.

The National Coalition for Accessible Voting unifies and magnifies the efforts of disability rights advocates in order to make America's electoral system more inclusive and more accessible. We formed in Spring 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic began devastating our communities and threatened to further disenfranchise voters with disabilities.

Our advocacy efforts include a national public relations campaign and to attend the education of state and federal legislators and their staff.

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