At the National Coalition for Accessible Voting, we intend to be a catalyst for positive change. The Coalition has two main goals: 

  • First, to ensure that in-person accessible voting remains a viable option for all voters. We have already seen how the pandemic has resulted in the large-scale closing of polling locations and, with them, the loss of convenience and accessible options to vote. 

  • Second, to advocate on behalf of citizens who choose to vote remotely to have an accessible voting option. We believe that it is time to make concerted progress toward eliminating the conflict between security and the statutory right to an accessible, private and independent option to vote — whether in-person or remotely.

Ballot entering ballot box, which sits on top of a mobile phone.



The Coalition was formed to unify and magnify the voices of its members to advocate for legislation to address major flaws in America’s electoral system that have been exposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. These flaws include issues of safety, availability, accessibility, and reliability each of which disproportionately affect its members. In-person voting is viewed as unsafe by many voters and poll workers. Voting by mail is under multiple attacks that serve to cast doubt on the integrity of the election. Coupled with disinformation campaigns, these flaws combine to suppress the vote.