The National Coalition of Accessibility of the Disabled “For Education for All” grew out of the Network of Organizations of the Disabled “Independent Life”.

It became the result of the implementation of interregional partnership projects to activate young people with disabilities and promote the philosophy of independent living, which were implemented in 1997-2001 under the auspices of the Regional Public Organization.

The implementation of these projects made it possible to bring together organizations of disabled people and unite them into a single network.

The network has been operating since 2001.

The National Coalition began its activities in December 2003 – at that time it did not have any legal consolidation. The main work of the Coalition was the implementation of joint projects, the organization of seminars and training, training, internships, and team building.

On February 5, 2005, a meeting of the National Coalition was held at which 9 organizations and 2 regional coalitions officially created the National Coalition of Organizations of the Disabled “For Education for All”, defined its strategic goal, and drew up an action plan for 2005.

Over the next few months, 3 more organizations joined the Coalition.

In the period from February 2005 to March 2006, the Coalition held several important joint events, one of them was a study on the observance of the right of a child with a disability to education, and the second was a public action to protect the right of children with disabilities to education.

In addition, members of the Coalition implemented various joint micro-projects throughout the year, promoted inclusive education in their regions, and established contacts with government authorities.

The annual meeting of the Coalition members, held in mid-March 2006, showed that over the past year, the member organizations of the Coalition and its employees have grown significantly in their professionalism.

It began to better understand the problem of inclusive education, defend and promote joint education of children with disabilities and children without disabilities in mass schools, learned to work with the authorities and lobby for the interests of the Coalition at the top.

Over the past year, we managed to join the working group on amending the Federal Law “On Education” and make our adjustments to it regarding the education of children with disabilities in general education schools.

We managed to successfully organize and hold the International Conference on Inclusive Education which was attended by more than 200 experts, specialists, representatives of authorities interested in promoting inclusive education and in the countries of the near and far abroad.

The coalition is open for membership, it can include other organizations of the disabled, regional coalitions, and initiative groups, as well as any other organizations, coalitions, and initiative groups that share the goals and ideas of the national coalition.

Also, the coalition is a free association, its members can freely leave the coalition. Organizations of persons with disabilities, coalitions, and initiative groups from other countries that share the goals and activities of the National Coalition can participate in the National Coalition as listeners and partners.